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Loft Conversion Belfast

Finally, a name you can trust

"We love to hear back from our customers. And like them we hope you'll find value for money with us. With low prices and all the quality you would expect from a loft conversion specialist you'll put extra money in your pocket and a cheeky grin on your face. "

Get your exciting new loft conversion at bargain prices!

You Can Expect High Quality Loft Conversion Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship you're not embarrassed to show off. Have you considered the elements needed to create a truly liveable and comfortable loft conversion? Do you want a office, additional bedroom, or perhaps a luxury mezzanine bathroom en suite? Your main priority is to choose a company best suited to lead you through the construction of your exciting new loft conversion. Take some time to explore the journey we take you on. After reading the design process a little lower on this page, you'll want to pick up the phone and call when you see the value you'll be getting.

You'll Find Unbeatable Bargain Prices

It's very simple to save money. And it's even easier to spend more when you try to self manage a loft conversion yourself. Most of our clients have tried the self manage and know deeply the heartache and additional costs associated with it. You save money with us by getting all your tradesmen under one roof and letting us manage the project to ensure everyone arrives when they are suppose to.

You'll Feel Truly Content With Friendly Customer Service

You are our most important client. You pay our bills, you advertise our services, you promote our brand and with your word of mouth advertising you reduce our advertising expenses. Without you we are nothing and we remember that from your first visit to our website until you wave goodbye. Thank you for visiting our website, allows us to offer you a meeting with our designers for a FREE quote & FREE advice.

You'll find, when you call us, that we design, plan, source, and manage your loft conversions and all at affordable prices.

Discover the design & planning & project management process for your new loft conversion

  • Make The Call
  • Whether you have just purchased a new house that is in desperate need of repair, or you wish to extend or remodel your existing home. Designing the new space correctly will be a priority, it is important that you select the right company that can offer all the services you require under one roof.

  • Create the perfect environment
  • We look at the best way of using the space, and look at areas that the new design will help change your lifestyle, from giving you better light, better space to live in and create the perfect environment that will cater to your every need.

  • Getting To Know What You Need
  • Once you have made your selection, we like to sit down with our customers and find out as much about them and their family as possible. This helps us understand them and what they need from their design and how they will use their design.

  • Visualize the space
  • We help you visualize this by a series of hand sketches, and computerised visualizing, to help you imagine being in the space, and how it will transformed your existing space. This is the part when clients always say 'I can't believe that's my house!'

  • Getting into the Detail
  • Once we have given you an idea of what could be done to your space, we then start to plan it. This involves getting into the detail of it all, and we start to look at the best materials for the space, the practical side of the new fixtures and fittings, and what will save you money in the long term and what will work to make your life easier.

  • The final stage of planning
  • Once all the products and materials are selected, we sit and go through the services with you and explain each step of the process, so you are fully aware of the work that will be carried out and the reason why these steps are taken. This stage is considered the final stage of the consultation, and all plans, designs, drawings and prices are agreed and signed, so the job can be started.

  • Selecting the best
  • It's at this stage that we will start to show you the samples that we have selected for your new design, we will always give you a choice, but mark out which one we feel is best and explain why, and this usually helps those customers that find it hard to choose. And because this is what we do for a living, we usually get it right for your space, and still give that individual feel to the design.

  • Completing the Schedule of Works
  • We then complete a schedule of works and arrange dates with you for the work to take place. Every detail is looked at and planned for, so there are no delays. We take into account when planning, everything from bank holidays, to possible delays with the delivery of products, we even think about the weather and how that can affect your project!

  • Getting everything right
  • Each Project will be assigned a single project manager, which you will have met at the early stages of design; they will checks orders, delivery dates and ensure that the products are delivered to site in perfect condition. The different trades will also be assigned at this early stage, so that they are finally aware of the work involved and order in the correct materials to complete the job.

  • Bringing it all together
  • Once the building and remedial work is fully complete, we start bring it all together. This is when your products are fitted and put into place, from the new tiles, lights, kitchen units, to the bathroom suit; it all starts to magically come together.

  • Ensuring that you enjoy the experience
  • Once everything is organized, we will arrive on site on the arranged date and begin the work, you will be able to communicate fully with your project manager and ask any questions there and then if they arise. We do everything to ensure that you feel involved and that you enjoy the experience of getting the work done.

  • Enjoy your new space
  • Once we have fitted everything and completed all the work involved, we clean up after ourselves and your project manager will give you a final walk through and point out everything that has been done, and demonstrate your new gadgetry. We then leave you to enjoy your new space, and explore all the new fixtures and fittings that you have to hand. And our aftercare is second to none, if you have any problems, do not hesitate to call and we'll be there to help.

Do you want to know more about the process? Or do you have any other questions we could answer for you? Click GET Answers! and we'll get right back to you with an answer.

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