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Unlimited residential and commercial creative design possibilities. Transform any space into a luxurious creative space.

Find our more about bio smart inset flueless & gasless fires below

bioethonal fires belfast

Ascot Fireplace Inset

Decoflame's series of bioethanol fireplace inserts Ascot is the solution for owners of traditional fireplaces who are not only tired of messy wood burning logs but also wish to opt for a greener, more envirnomentally friendly alternative.

The decoflame® Ascot Lux series comes in three different dimensions as standard and can optionally be shielded to the front and/or to the back with a hardened glass screen..

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No gas or electricity connection

The burner stands alone and does not need to be connected no-gas-fireto any fuel sources. So no gas connections or plugging into electrical sockets.



Wood, glass and stainless steel


Brushed stainless stell and black laminate ( others upon request)

Heat Efficiency

Max 3.6kW

Burner Volume

4 Litres of bioethanol. Use only bioethonal for decoFlame®

Burning Duration

One filling of bioethanoil will burn 4-8 hours depending on the intensity and air flow.;

No flue or chimney needed

The combustion of the fuel no flue, ventless firesproduces water vapor and steam. There is no chimney or flue required for bioethanoal fires.

Ethonal Fires Belfast
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Quality, Safety, Reliability

Decoflame® ecofriendly fires are fuelled by bioethanol, a renewable liquid biofuel. It is produced from agricultural by-products and because of its energy efficiency is a highly recommended fuel source for these designer fires. They come with especially engineered safety features such as the overflow chamber in which bioethanol spillage is caught during the filling process.

Easy to Maintain

Decoflame burners can be easily maintained. They do not produce thick residues or ash. Because of their simplicity of design washing them with a wet cloth will remove any stains or dust. Cleaning is quick and easy, and the more you clean them the longer their lifespan!

Optimum Fuel Efficiency

When burning one litre of sustainable, green, non-fossil bioethanol it will produce approximately 7.1kW of heat which will not disappear through a chimney! Just 4 litres of bioethanol can last for up to 4-8 hours depending on the flame intensity and airflow.

Take the next step in getting your new bioethonal fire!

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